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School and Educational design

Insight Design has over 15 years of experience in the education sector. Having previously worked with several colleges, primary and secondary schools throughout Essex, we have created successful campaigns and prospectus’s across the spectrum of state, private schools and academies. Our unique understanding of this area gives you full confidence in our ability to offer advice and deliver a reliable service, from prospectus through to website and beyond.The look and feel of any communication is essential. We are passionate designers who love to get to know each school that we work with, understanding the culture and working with you to ensure your values, ethos and messages are conveyed in the right way. We can work with you on your content and images to give maximum impact in the prospectus and on the website, with the aim of enticing new parents to consider the school.

By working across print and online mediums at the same time, we can ensure a consistent brand message and identity is achieved as well as saving your organisation money.

Our complete design service includes photography, website design, website hosting, prospectus design, leaflets, adverts and signage.